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Thanks to those of you who have signed up so far!

For our first email to you guys, I want to briefly go over our progress in the last month and talk about our future plans. Don’t have time to read through all this? Scroll to the bottom for a quick summary.

Moderator Dispatching

Our Dispatch program started about a month ago, and since then we’ve managed to achieve some promising landmarks. So far we’ve managed to aid five communities, amounting to over 200k+ members. Our latest client has us focused on handling their support tickets, which is allowing us to branch out into other forms of customer support.

While these metrics are cool, we want to stress that we are true believers in quality over quantity. Now that we’ve built up our portfolio a bit, we might lower our minimum member requirement, take more time to vet communities when deciding whether or not to dispatch to them, and more. To maintain the golden standard of work that we're striving to achieve, Dispatch requests and Dispatch moderator applications will be paused until we complete our Guidelines and solidify our process. This will include preventing communities that are in TOS-grey areas from applying, as well as streamlining our process to better analyze applications. Ensuring that we’re dispatching to communities that are on the up-and-up, treating their native staff members with respect, and promoting healthy guidelines for their community members is all vital for insuring industry morals and values. Learn more about the program here.

Dmod.gg’s Closed-Beta

Our closed beta is coming very soon! After bumping into some technical issues at the last minute, our development team is aiming for a closed-beta launch on the 10th of August. Community Figures will have instant access, as well as the option to invite 5-10 people of their choice to the closed-beta program.

Not a Community Figure? Not to worry! We’ll be doing access giveaways throughout the closed-beta period. Just a quick reminder that this version of Dmod will include bugs, design flaws, and more. The purpose of this period is to develop the best possible experience for our public-beta launch. ETA on that is mid/late September.

Want to Help Us Grow Without Paying a Cent?

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Talk about us with your friends! Word of mouth is the best organic way to help grow an open-source startup such as Dmod.

  • Put “Dmod.gg” in your custom status on Discord. Our bot will automatically grant you a special role for doing so.

  • Tweet about us on Twitter! You can always tag us with questions, comments, or supportive messages @dmodgg 🥺

  • Own a community? Tell your moderators or members about Dmod. We’re all about community, and every suggestion & nugget of wisdom will make us a better project for you and the broader Discord community.


    (Too long; didn’t read)

    Our Dispatch program is making great progress, and will only be getting stronger & better!

    Our closed-beta is currently projected to launch on August 10th, and expect bugs. That’s the point of having this closed-beta testing period.

    If you’re interested in getting more involved with Dmod, there are plenty of ways to support us without spending a penny! Read this section to learn how.

Thanks for reading!

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